Pacific Southwest FinancialPacific Southwest Financial Sales Desk

  • The PSF Life Sales Desk is dedicated to making the process easier for policy reviews and smaller insurance transactions where field support is not necessary, allowing you to spend more time with your clients.
  • The PSF Life Desk was developed exclusively for Financial Advisors to assist with life insurance questions including the design, support and placement of life insurance, as well as policy reviews.
  • The Life Desk is targeted to any Financial Advisor with insurance questions and especially for those advisors who have not done permanent life insurance business in the past or would like a streamlined option for their smaller cases.

PSF Internal Life Desk Support

Call the PSF Life Desk: 818-702-0889
Kari Woods Ext. 1137
Brianna Guttman Ext. 1145
Annette Hlavac MGR Ext. 1140